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CIP Traffic Permit Application

Traffic permit application for city of Thornton capital improvement project work.

Application Information

Effective March 1st, hand drawn traffic control plans will no longer be accepted by the city of Thornton. Traffic control plans will also be required to show all dimensions of tapers, activity areas, diversions, detour routes, etc.

25 MB upload limit.

Compliance Agreement

The undersigned hereby certifies that I/we agree to assume any and all responsibility and to abide by all rules, regulations and conditions as set forth in the city of Thornton rules, regulations, conditions and stipulations (refer to next page) of this permit, and codes for traffic control. The undersigned shall follow the manual on uniform traffic control devices, latest edition, as it relates to this permit and special conditions. If any requirements or conditions of this permit are not in compliance, the permit shall be revoked by order of the traffic engineer. I/we agree to vacate the right-of-way as directed by the traffic engineer.